SMD has developed and is further developing a significant and varied project pipeline. The project pipeline primarily concentrates on undertaking greenfield development and minimizing developmental, execution and operational risks to enable the execution and commissioning of projects, securely within expedited timelines, while also taking in the consideration the emerging challenges with respect to connectivity, evacuation, land and other constraints faced by the wind industry today. The company currently has a project pipeline in some of the windiest states in India.



This model of prudent development ensures high-quality projects that generate long-term predictable cash flows, and has led to the building of a utility-scale portfolio of wind power generating assets.



SMD shall continue to use this model in the future to expand its portfolio through a mixture of feed-in tariff PPAs, Renewable Energy Certificates as well as Merchant sales by leveraging its strengths for the benefit of all stakeholders.


We also aim to develop and operate wind farm projects in all emerging markets.

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