At SMD, we consider a detailed asset management strategy as the key to realizing our projected goals. Our dedicated asset management team has some of the best talent and tools in the industry to draw upon, this allows our wind farms to surpass their expected yield and maximizing revenue and returns on investment.


At SMD we follow a systematic process of deploying, operating, maintaining and upgrading of assets cost-effectively.



Real time control and monitoring using SCADA



Asset Performance and Optimization Tools




Supervisory control and data acquisition or SCADA, is a control and monitoring system implemented to incorporate both civil as well as electrical engineering together.

SCADA allows us:

1. Control assets and processes locally or through remote locations.

2. Monitor, gather and process real-time data.

3. Record live events of operating wind turbines.

We consider SCADA as a crucial Asset Management tool. SCADA helps us maintain efficiency by providing control over the Wind turbine PLCs, RTUs and any other sensors installed.


Beyond SCADA

While SCADA is a crucial tool to monitor and collect data on a real-time basis, our asset management team goes beyond the industry standard SCADA tool and applies cutting edge technologies to assimilate and analyze big data which is often beyond the reach of typical SCADA.

At SMD, we believe we should constantly evolve in this ever-growing era of digitalization. We now work with intelligent wind turbines which are capable of providing data which was never accessible to its owners before.

Furthermore, access to this big data allows our asset management and data analytics team to find patterns, trends, and insights which are not possible with SCADA and to leverage this knowledge to the benefit of the project and its productivity. In addition to big data collections, these tools also increase productivity by allowing engineers on the ground to get automized notifications, monitor turbines using their phones and allows managers to build KPIs Metrics for asset performance

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