EDF Renewables is a world leader in renewable energy electricity. The company develops, builds and operates clean energy power plants in 22 countries both for our own account and for third parties.

EDF Renewables is a subsidiary of EDF, helping the Group to achieve its renewable energy goals. The EDF Group generates low-carbon electricity around the world and actively participates in the energy transition.

Operating at the heart of the energy transition, EDF Renewables must constantly re-think energy production methods to prepare the future and ensure ongoing competitiveness.

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The SITAC Group was created in 1978 under the leadership of Mr. Malvinder Singh. Since then, with Mr. Singh at the helm, the SITAC Group has evolved into one of the leading players in the construction, real estate and renewable energy sectors.


The Sitac Group has undertaken several turnkey construction projects in the Middle East such as the tallest building in Iraq. The telecommunication Building; water treatment plants; and various flyovers in Baghdad. In India, the Group undertook the construction of a 1 million square feet hospital with 600 beds, as well as the Honda factory, among other commercial and residential projects. The Group also invested in an automobile component production facility working as an ancillary to one of the largest automobile manufacturing units in India. These businesses were successfully developed and have since been sold. 



Apart from this, the Sitac Group along with EDF Renouvelables has commissioned and is developing utility-scale wind power projects in India. 

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